Look Over My
Shoulder As I Try To Make
The World's Best Knife

You're probably thinking, 'Who the hell is this guy claiming he's making "The World's Best Knife"?'.

This is absolutely a fair question. I mean, there are an absolute boat-load of crazy-good knifemakers out there already.

But here's the thing:

Someone has to make the world's best knife, don't they?
But it suddenly gets messy because how the hell do you even define "best"? (...that's a whole can of worms right there!)

Now, before we even remotely get into any sort of (possibly heated) discussion of what the "best knife" might be ...it might be vaguely useful for you to know who I am.

My name is Magnus and if you head to the About page right now, then you'll get an idea of what I've done previously. (I'll wait here while you go and read that page...)
Okay, great, you're back! So now you know I'm not some sort of starry-eyed dreamer. I've been designing and making high-end everyday carry type products for a number of years (quite successfully too).

An Embarrassing Secret...

I have FAILED a number of times at making a knife. Yes, you read that 100% correctly. I am essentially a failed knifemaker (this really is an embarrassing thing to have to admit on the very same page where I've just arrogantly stated I want to make "The World's Best Knife"). Over the last few years I have tried multiple times to make a knife ...and have admitted defeat every single time.

Just so we're both clear...

I'm talking specifically about making "The World's Best Folding Knife". Not a fixed blade. Not a chef's knife. Not a friction folder. The knife I'm talking about is the kind of knife I carry in my pocket every day. As with pretty much every product I've designed and made over the years ...this knife is really for me (yes, I know, the self-centered arrogance on this page is probably becoming unbearable right now - but I'm going to continue anyway).

...I've Failed FOUR Times

I've tried to make a framelock knife on no less than four occasions over the last few years - and threw in the towel every time.

Now, don't get me wrong... (this is where I'm going to try and salvage at least a little dignity here)

I didn't give up on these four knives just because I couldn't do it. No sir. I gave up on these knives for two other reasons:

#1 - I didn't appreciate how hard it was to make a knife (yep, even on the fourth attempt ...I still didn't get it!)


#2 - I didn't have the time available (because I was already designing and making other products such as pens, utility blade knives, fidgets, etc. ...and had to keep the CNC machines running for those)

I think it's a good thing I've already failed previously because (I hope) it's finally got me to understand that making a knife is hard.
Now, you're probably thinking the same thing I'm thinking as I type this:

"Magnus, why is this FIFTH attempt going to be any different this time around?"

Well, I have an answer for you (and I think it might actually be believable too!)...

In fact, there are three reasons I reckon THIS is the time:
Firstly, I genuinely believe I now understand how hard it is. I've failed four times (they were all painful to go through and with my ego taking the majority of the hit). I'm definitely starting this time with an even greater understanding and appreciation for the difficulty of the task (but hey, maybe I'm wrong and I haven't actually learned ...only time will tell).

Secondly, over the last two years I've been incredibly successful in the whacky world of high-end fidgets. I started out fumbling around making my first one ...and ended up being -- as far as I can tell -- #1 in this particular niche.

Thirdly, I have more to lose this time around. What I mean bu this is that, instead of secretly trying to make a knife behind closed doors, I'm putting myself out there for all the world to see. The stakes are a lot higher. If I fail, then I'm going to fail BIG.
I think I've talked enough for now and so let's continue in the next section (link below) where we'll cover what does "best" actually mean.

Not only that, but...

I'm also going to show you the design of the knife as it currently is in the next section.
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