The Closed Position

Let's take a look at the knife in the closed position...
I've made (almost) no design decisions here because it doesn't make sense to.

Two reasons:

Firstly, the open position is when you're using the knife - which, to my mind, is what matters. Knives are mean to be used.

Secondly, if the knife looks good with the blade in the open position, then it's highly likely it's going to look good in the closed position.
I didn't make any specific changes to the design when in the closed position - but there is one thing I checked while I was doing the overall designing. And this was the position of the spine of the blade while the knife was closed.
It's not really possible to just flat-out decide where the blade will sit when close ...and disregard other parts of the design - specifically the mechanical elements.

What I mean by this is:

You have to take into consideration the position of the blade when the knife is open (the stop-pin and lockbar are part of this). I can choose a position for the blade in the closed position -- from an aesthetic perspective -- but that's doesn't mean it's automatically going to work (the stop-pin and detent are part of this particular decision).

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